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Daxtra Corporate

Using a combination of our total product suite, Daxtra has created a solution specifically for the demands of in-house corporate recruitment teams.

Watch this short video and discover Daxtra's Corporate solutions for in-house recruiters.

Integrating directly with your current ATS or CRM, Daxtra’s corporate solution allows in house teams to greatly reduce the time and administration effort of sourcing and managing both internal and external candidates.

Using elements of our complete product suite, our corporate solution allows recruiters to improve their departments existing workflow and business processes relating to incoming application management, passive talent pipelining, active sourcing and internal mobility.

Active Sourcing & Internal mobility: Recruiters on a day to day basis are faced with the challenges of using technology to help find suitable candidates both internally and externally. In most instances existing ATS/CRM systems only offer key word matching as a searching facility, offering very little “intelligence” in finding the best candidates. Further to this different regions or areas of the business may have different systems offering very little visibility of candidates company-wide at any more than a country level.

Daxtra Search is embedded within your current ATS/CRM
Daxtra Search sits across all instances of internal candidate or employee data – ATS/CRM or HCM - Cross department, region and country.
- All candidate results are ranked in order of relevance using Daxtra’s semantic search engine. The best candidates are always on the first page of results.
- Current employees can be viewed at the same time as active candidates to improve internal mobility.
- Daxtra will search all external sources at the same time as the internal search – job boards, social/business networking sites.
- Daxtra allows you to do one search, in one place, to find all external and internal candidates.

Application Funnel Management: Internal resourcing departments can often be inundated by the sheer volume of incoming responses received from posted requirements, with interested candidates running into the thousands per position. The only resolution often being to manually sort through each and every response. Daxtra resolves this common problem by applying our search and filtering technology  across the sources of incoming applications, allowing recruiters to find the best candidates for a position in seconds.

As candidates are ranked in order of suitability for a requirement, the best candidates will be listed on the first page of results, dramatically reducing the time recruiters need to spend finding the best candidates for a position. Once chosen, suitable candidates can then be loaded directly onto the ATS or CRM using Daxtra’s parsing technology.

Passive Talent Pipelining: As more and more in house Corporate teams move towards a direct sourcing model, so too are these same teams thinking more strategically about the kinds of Talent their business is going to require in the medium term. Recruiters often need a method of building a pipeline of quality passive candidates that they have no immediate requirement for, but are likely to need over the next 12 months. These types of candidates are often found on networking sites or ”hang-out” webpages, in many instances, there is limited information on that individual.

Daxtra addresses this need using elements of it’s Magnet product included within the Corporate solution.

  • Desktop application that can be deployed across single or multiple users
  • References any online profile and matches with existing candidate internal records
  • Candidate records created directly onto ATS/CRM with a single click, no CV is needed just basic details
  • Notes, emails and updates can all be controlled via the Magnet app on the recruiters desktop. The record does not need to be physically opened.


  • ISO-9001
  • ISO-27001

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