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Eliminating Bias in Candidate Selection Process

Wednesday, 03 February 2016

Your name is Sabiq Ahmad. How are you guaranteed that the people seeing your CV don't pass it over in favour of Tom Smith?

It's a sad statement to have to resort to changing your name to get a job, but up until now, some have turned to this in order to be treated fairly in the hiring process. For some, the course of action has been to change their own name on their CV so they'd get a fair chance at having it seen by the people hiring. According to The Economist, “Discrimination against job applicants based on their names is well documented, particularly among ethnic minorities.” A recent article in HR Grapevine points out that the government in the UK is concerned and is pushing to help prevent unconscious bias toward minorities.

The answer, of course is to "name blind" CVs before sending them to your hiring clients. “Several of the UK's biggest employers are set to introduce a policy of recruiting on a “name-blind” basis in an effort to eliminate discrimination against people from black and ethnic minority (BME) backgrounds,” says International Business Times. Anonymising job applications boosts the chances of ethnic-minority candidates being invited to an interview, experiments reveal. This practice may actually become law in the UK. DaXtra Styler can help you achieve this. By automatically removing contact details and names, DaXtra Styler brands and anonymises CVs, readying them to send to clients, preventing any kind of name discrimination during the hiring process. Stay current with our newest technology, helping you adhere to changing trends, while expediting your hiring process. 

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