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Prism, by Cirrus Nova is a powerful cloud-based recruitment CRM/ATS solution designed to help you grow and develop your business, with a fully customisable user workspace, intelligent search functionality and a comprehensive set of management tools.

Prism is a truly cloud-based CRM/ATS recruitment solution, making it scalable, flexible and available anywhere. This means that their software does not require investment in IT infrastructure and is quick and easy to setup.

Utilising the latest cutting-edge Microsoft Dynamics CRM technology, Cirrus Nova's software supports all aspects of the recruitment placement lifecycle, from candidate selection and filtering through to placement and beyond.

Prism is feature rich and encompasses CV parsing, powerful Boolean, skills and radius searching, candidate and client management, and much more.

Cirrus Nova Prism and DaXtra provides a huge opportunity to grow and develop your business.

To find out more about DaXtra's Partnership with Cirrus Nova, please Contact Us today.

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