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DaXtra Capture: The Benefits

DaXtra Capture's advanced CV processing software puts you ahead of your competition: Capture your CV data and make it work for your recruiters, your business and your clients. It saves you money and makes you money.

From acquisition to management reporting, DaXtra's extensive CV processing capabilities streamline your workflows and cut the time, effort and cost around sourcing quality candidates.


  • Up to 95% direct labour cost saving compared with alternative Candidate Data entry methods
  • No more CV backlogs or delays waiting for CVs to be loaded to the CRM database
  • Maximise the benefit of acquiring your CVs by making them available to all your recruiters quickly
  • Widen your pool of quality candidates with multilingual CV technology
  • Full, rich, multilingual candidate data for easy reading, review and reporting
  • Improve the quality of your CRM workflow around Candidate searching, contacting, sending
  • Build your own Candidate data, with a unique relationship and history, reducing spend on generic job board CVs
  • Drive powerful Management reports, and analytics of Candidate Information
  • Help track and manage your advertising spend around quality of Candidate rather than quantity

Find out more about DaXtra Capture's range of CV processing features.

Puts you ahead of your competition – you find suitable candidates and find them fast.


  • ISO-9001
  • ISO-27001

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  • American Staffing Association

  • American Staffing Association

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