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DaXtra Parser: The Benefits

DaXtra's advanced CV parsing software increases your competitive knowledge. Make the most of your available data, to manage, analyse and exploit the knowledge it contains.

Knowledge gives you improved performance and drives innovation, leading to competitive advantage.

  • Consistently benchmarked as the highest overall CV parsing accuracy across multiple languages
  • Multilingual CV technology built in and covering almost 30 languages
  • Comprehensive geographical and language support in a single component
  • Rich structured data output, to support powerful recruitment workflow applications
  • Available for Candidate and Vacancy information extraction
  • Flexible and extendable – bespoke schemas, unique skills taxonomies
  • Strategically enhance data searching, analytics and reporting
  • Easy integration documentation and tools for developers

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  • ISO-9001
  • ISO-27001

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  • American Staffing Association

  • American Staffing Association

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