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DaXtra Search Services: The Features

Providing next generation search technologies for developers, to create innovative recruitment resourcing workflows

DaXtra Search & Matching

The DaXtra Search & Matching component can be deployed as a co-located appliance or as a hosted service. The searching services are based on DaXtra’s proprietary XML indexing engine, and unique ranking algorithm, based on proximity and context within the document text.

The key developer actions provided are:

• Add or Update Candidate
• Add or Update Vacancy
• Search Candidate or Vacancy
• Match Candidate to Vacancy
• Match Vacancy to Candidate
• Match Candidate to Candidate
• Match Vacancy to Vacancy

This component can be the core engine behind job-boards or web recruitment applications, bringing the power of DaXtra Search to your end-clients.

DaXtra Search & Aggregation

The DaXtra Search & Aggregation component can be deployed as a co-located appliance or as a hosted service. The aggregation services are based on DaXtra’s proprietary spidering technologies, with inbuilt support for the most-used internet search sources, including job-boards and social networks globally.

Each supported internet source is via a vendor-provided search API, or automated form replication and scraping. New sources are added on-demand via clients and co-operation from source vendors, to ensure that all deployments have the most up-to-date list of sources.

The key developer workflows provided are:

• Submit Query from web-form
• Retrieve Aggregated Results from all sources in XML
• Retrieve Documents from individual sources and profiles

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