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Privacy and Usage Statement

The Daxtra Magnet was developed as a response to the increase in Candidates publishing their Professional Profiles and CVs online for the purposes of seeking job opportunities. When recruiters browse and find such profiles, Daxtra Magnet can be utilised with a single click to check if the Candidate is already present on the Recruitment Database. Based on this check, they can decide to create a new database record, or update an existing record, as well as recording activities and notes. The current release is a Chrome Browser plug-in, with advanced functionality to ignore non-relevant information such as adverts and menus from webpages, otherwise relevant text can be simply highlighted before submitting. A further version of the product will work with several desktop applications such as Word, Adobe, Outlook as well as several other web browsers.

It is notable that there is significant industry comment about ownership and use of this available online profile information. After all, if Candidates make their Professional Profiles available over the internet, there is an implicit consent in the use of such data for the purposes of attracting and pursuing job opportunities. However, many website applications that collect and aggregate Candidate profiles apply their own terms and conditions around the use of the data. According to their current user agreement, LinkedIn are an example of an online network that explicitly disallow many aspects of use of data presented within their website application. Although opinion pieces such as this one illustrates that the ability to enforce these restrictions legally is unclear, we insist that the users of Daxtra Magnet seek permissions of LinkedIn or other copyright holders before applying the Magnet to their data.

As such Daxtra Magnet is a general tool that is simply automating the manual process a recruiter would ordinarily undertake, having viewed the Professional Profile or CV in their browser. Whilst it is correct that the Daxtra Magnet will work with any candidate profile, including those coming from LinkedIn, Daxtra has no direct agreement with LinkedIn and other sites and therefore Daxtra does not grant or suggest any special permissions to use, copy, adapt, distribute, modify or share information from websites. We therefore stipulate that it is entirely the responsibility of the recruiter to ensure their use of online profile data with Daxtra Magnet, is in accordance with the privacy, copyright, permissions, restrictions, and user terms and conditions they have signed up to as an individual or as an organization, as part of utilising website accessible data for recruitment activities.


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