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DaXtra Parser

Our market leading, highly accurate multilingual resume parsing software is used globally by leading recruitment companies and vendors. We parse more languages, more accurately and in more locations than any other resume parser in the world.

Offered as a component, DaXtra Parser can help support businesses in developing their own recruitment workflow applications, enhancing end-user and end-client data quality.

With DaXtra Parser not only can you achieve time and effort savings around manual data entry and resume database population, the structured format of parsed data can provide powerful advantages around CV searching, matching, analytics and reporting.

For any submitted document to either a locally deployed appliance, or a provided hosted service, DaXtra Parser provides the automatic conversion of free-form Curriculum Vitae and Vacancy text files into structured information in a standard or custom XML schema.

With support for known CV and vacancy file formats, including Social Media information and contact types, and coverage for multiple regions and European, Eastern European and Asian languages and dialects, DaXtra provides the most comprehensive, and most accurate resume parsing software available.


  • ISO-9001
  • ISO-27001

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  • American Staffing Association

  • American Staffing Association

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