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Benefits of DaXtra Search

CV searching and matching is at the heart of the modern recruitment operation, and in large part determines the quality of candidates and the speed at which they can be identified.

DaXtra Search offers advanced CV searching capability and delivers a dramatic reduction in time to shortlist the most suitable and available candidates, creating an impressive improvement in productivity.


  • Maximise the value of your existing CRM database with Natural Language Search technology
  • Exploit the data you already have, with speed and efficiency
  • Unify and streamline your Online Resourcing activity with Aggregated Search technology
  • Exploit all the available sources, and the currently available Candidate community
  • Improve the Productivity of Recruiters and Resourcers
  • Reduce the time to get the best-matched CVs in front of your Clients
  • Measure performance of all Resourcing Activities
  • Calculate your return against Online CV spend
  • Easily build your own CRM database, with the best quality data and candidates available

DaXtra Search puts you ahead of your competition.

  • Explore the powerful features of DaXtra's advanced CV searching software in more detail.


  • ISO-9001
  • ISO-27001

Industry Affiliations

  • American Staffing Association

  • American Staffing Association

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